ACCUMASS An Ayurvedic Weight Gainer-Review


If you are looking for an ayurvedic weight gainer then you are at right place. Here I’m gonna give you complete information about Accumass.

About Accumass capsules or Accumass granules, How to use them, benefits and will also discuss side effects.

About Accumass?

Accumass is a product of Divisa Herbal Care. They have a wide range of ayurvedic products but let just talk about Accumass weight gainer.

Accumass is a total ayurvedic formula for the healthy weight gain. It includes Ashwagandha, Mushali, Ela, Shatavari, Vatada, Kadali, Gokshura, and may other ayurvedic ingredients.

Why Ayurveda? because it’s the only solution when it comes to gain weight without any health problems and it’s also very helpful for the overall development of the body.

Ayurveda is the biggest gift of India to the world. Ayurvedic approach is holistic, healthy and effective. It is very important to look beyond the symptoms of being underweight and find out the cause behind it. This will help you in reclaiming a vibrant sense of health & well being on all parameters physically, mentally & emotionally. 


Little about Ingredients:

Ashwagandha( Withania Somnifera )

It has several medicinal benefits. Ashwagandha has been used for over 3000 years to increase energy, relieve stress and improve concentration.

It has also beneficial in reducing sugar levels, Has anti-cancer properties, Reduces cholesterol level, Boosts testosterone level, Increases muscle mass and strength, also Improve brain functioning.

Ela( Lesser cardamom )

It is very useful to cure indigestion, nausea, vomiting. Antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral in nature So It is used to cure various infections.


Shatavari( Asparagus Racemosus )

This has been used from centuries. It has antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system, relieves cough, treats diarrhea, treats ulcers, treats kidney stones, maintains blood sugar, treats depression.

Vatada ( Almond )

It provides essential fat to your body and rich in protein. It also improves brain functioning and sharpens your memory.

Kadali( Banana )

This alone gonna help you to gain lots of weight. In addition, it provides a good amount of energy to your body.

Benefits Of Accumass

  1. Healthy weight gain: It is 100% natural, infused with 18 herbs. So you gain only a healthy weight without any health problems.
  2. Post Workout Supplement Drink: You can also use it as a post-workout supplement to enhance performance.
  3. Suitable for all: Accumass can be used by a person of all ages (above 12 years).
  4. Overall health benefits: It will not only help you to gain weight but it will also improve the overall functioning of your body.
  5. Boost confidence.
  6. Normalize the metabolic process.
  7. Increase Appetite.

Side effects of Accumass

I have personally used this product and haven’t found any side effects. It’s 100% safe to use, but if you are allergic to some herb the please take care of it.

In addition, Accumass is a total ayurvedic formula with lots of herbal benefits.

How to Use?


Accumass Capsules or Granules?

They both contain the same formula, powder form contains some ingredients to improve the taste, however, Capsule doesn’t require any additive to enhance the taste.

Accumass Price

Check the current price of Accumass capsules or Accumass granules.


Go for it if you are looking for ayurvedic weight gainer. No side effect, lots of health benefits and low-cost supplement for people of all ages.

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