Aromatherapy – The Art of Essences


Aromatherapy is an art of healing which uses the essential oils of aromatic plants and trees to promote the health of body and serenity of mind. The use of a aromatherapy or both healing and their pleasing effects dates back to the beginning of mankind. However, it has been relatively recently, perhaps as late as the early thirties that the medicinal benefits of essential oils was recognized, and became a major focus of the medical community.

Essential Oils

Essential oils or “essences” are highly concentrated substances extracted from different parts of aromatic plants and trees. They are extracte by steam distillation, a process whose origins can the back to ancient Mesopotamia. Unlike ordinary vegetable oils, plant essences are highly volatile and will evaporate if left an open-air.

The chemistry of essential oils is complex. Most consist of hundreds of components, such as alcohols, aldehydes, and esters. That’s why a single oil can help a wide variety of disorders. Lavender, for instance, is enriched with antiseptic, antibacterial, antibiotic, antidepressant, analgesic, decongestant and sedative properties.

Aromatherapy - The Art of Essences

Moreover, due to their tiny molecular structure, a central supply to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. They also reach the bloodstream as a result of aromatic molecules being inhale into the lungs through the tiny air sacs to the surrounding blood capillaries by the process of diffusion.

Modes of Absorption

When essential oils are applied externally, there are two main routes by which they may reach the bloodstream. By skin absorption and by diffusion across the tiny air sacs in the lungs. The typical example of skin absorption is through combining small amounts of essential oil with a “carrier oil” containing small amounts of the essential oil. In this way, the medicinal properties of a particular essential oil can be massaged into the skin where they can enter the bloodstream.

Aromatherapy - The Art of Essences

Essential oils can also be absorbed through the lungs, using a diffuser or nebulizer. In this Way, essential oils are absorbed by converting them into airborne aromatic molecules. The same way that a perfume atomizer converts perfume into small odorific molecules that can be inhaled through the nostrils.

Consideration While Purchasing oils

The most important consideration when purchasing an essential oil is to make sure that you’r, in fact, purchasing the pure product. Most aromatherapists buy their oils from specialist mail order suppliers, not from shops concerned with beauty or perfumery. The advantages offered by mail order suppliers include a wider range of oils and lower prices on larger quantities. However, there are some quality health shops and retail outlets that specialize in natural remedies, and these facilities are typically good for obtaining quality essential oils.

Aromatherapy - The Art of Essences

Some places where you can obtain quality essential oils also offer courses of instruction on how to use them. Be sure to pursue that if the subject is of sufficient interest to you.

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