The 11 Best Triceps Workout For Bigger Arms


Triceps are, without a doubt, one of the most important muscles – for both aesthetics and strength. But even the experienced gym-goers often get confused about how to strengthen triceps and bulk those arms. Well, here are the 11 best triceps workout to maximize your gains and give you the arms you always desired.

1. Close Hand Pushups

Pushups could easily be the most versatile exercise ever created, so it’s no wonder to see it here. Close hand pushups operate like normal pushups for the most part, except the hands are placed close to each other. This posture puts greater focus on the triceps and triggers muscle growth.

2. Triceps Kickbacks

Triceps kickback could be called a bicep curl but in reverse. The “kickback” motion of dumbbells activates the triceps and gives a nice workout to the triceps muscles.

3. EZ Bar Skull Crushers

Lie down on a bench, keeping your legs on the floor and holding an EZ bar. The elbows must be bent at an almost perpendicular angle. Bring the bar down by just bending the elbow further without moving anything else. You can call it the best triceps exercise as it works great to isolate the triceps by not taking help from any other part of the body.

4. Seated Overhead Triceps Extension

One of the classic triceps workouts, seated overhead triceps extension focuses on the often-overlooked long head tricep muscle. Sit on a bench, grab a dumbbell and hold it behind your head with both hands. The hands should be in an open, diamond-like position. Slowly move the triceps down and up while keeping your chest intact.

5. Double Skullcrusher to JM Press

This is a slight variation of the usual skull crusher exercise. Here you include two dumbbells instead of one and at the end, you perform a JM press. This properly isolates the triceps and maximizes your gains.

6. Standing Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension

A variation of standard tricep extension, this triceps workout involves one dumbbell. The movement remains the same: bending the elbows to lower the weight behind your back and then bringing back up.

7. Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension

Here is another triceps extension but with a twist. Lying face-up on a bench, you need to start with the dumbbells above and arms straight. Then bend your elbow until the dumbbells are beyond parallel to your face. This tricep exercise has an added advantage over regular extensions. As you lower the weights, the blood comes rushing in your muscles which can boost muscle repair.

8. Tate Presses

Tate press, also known as elbow-out tricep extension, is one of the lesser-known exercises. It can be thought of like a bench press but for the triceps. Tate press is considered a great arms workout for building strength in the tricep muscles.

9. Dips

Like pushups, dips are another iconic workout choice. Dips are so great because instead of free weights, your entire body has to be lifted here. Thus, even though dips don’t isolate triceps alone, they put great focus on those muscles.

10. Close Grip Bench Press

The Bench press is a standard exercise for chest and core days. But a slight variation can turn it into a great triceps workout too. With a close grip on the bar, you can exert a great focus on your triceps. It is a great choice for those having chest and triceps on the same day.

11. Rope Triceps Pulldown

Triceps pulldown is easily one of the most effective workouts to activate the triceps. With a rope, the triceps pulldown gets even more effective as you get the flexibility to move your ankles and exert greater force.

Final Word

When done right, these triceps workouts can guarantee you those aesthetically-pleasing arms you have always wanted.

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