Different Body Types and Workout Methods


Hi There! I hope you’re doing well. In this article, I’m going cover Different body types and Workout methodology one should follow strictly. We all know that each one having a different body shape and size. So, their training methods are also different. Never follow someone else workout principles blindly. I’ll tell you why?

Mainly body type is categorized into Three different types. 

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Mesomorph
  3. Endomorph

It is very important to understand your body type and plan your training and diet program.

1- Ectomorph

You already know these guys. They eat piles of food, they eat all they want and whenever they want but remains same. They always struggle to gain some weight or to add a pound of muscle in their body.


Traits of an Ectomorph

  • Hardgainers.
  • Thin.
  • Narrow shoulders and hips.
  • Small frame and bone structure.
  • Flat chest.
  • Fast metabolism.
  • Small joints.

How to Train

  • Short and Intense Workout (45-60 mins).
  • Lift Heavy.
  • Avoid Intense Cardio.
  • Focus on Big Muscles.
  • Avoid overtraining.
  • supplements are Recommended.
  • Must eat before bed to prevent muscle catabolism.
  • Eat a lot of protein and carbs.
  • Focus more on Compound exercise.

2- Mesomorph

They are the best one among any kind of body types. They have a perfect structure. It is very easy for them to gain or lose weight or muscle mass. Athletic and strong physic. So, If you are mesomorph this doesn’t mean you are more healthier than the other 2 types because if you gain easily than you can also lose easily. The problem is you have to find the proper balance in the diet to maintain your weight.


Traits of a Mesomorph

  • Athletic
  • Strong Looking physic.
  • Hard muscles.
  • Gain and lose weight easily.
  • Wide shoulder.
  • Narrow hips.
  • Small joints.

How to Train

  • Train with Heavy weights.
  • Train Consistently.
  • Do moderate cardio.
  • Take moderate rest between exercise(90-120 sec).
  • Watch your calorie intake.
  • Don’t need to eat a lot like an ectomorph.
  • Include both Isolated and compound movements in your workout.


They are the opposite of ectomorph. They have a heavy body structure with thick arms and legs. They gain fat very easily so, they should focus more on losing fat. To lose fat it is not necessary to join Gym. You can lose fat in your home with proper and healthy diet. If you want to lose belly fat you can check out my another article on How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Gym.


Traits of an Endomorph

  • Soft and round body.
  • Heavy and Thick body structure.
  • Gain fat easily.
  • Slow metabolism.
  • Wide bone structure.
  • Wide waist and large hips.
  • Find difficulty to lose weight.

How to Train

  • Intense cardio required.
  • High pace workout.
  • Lift the moderate or lightweight with high no of repetitions.
  • Avoid fatty food.
  • Eat food rich in protein and fiber.
  • Say no to junk food.
  • Train regularly.
  • Limit your rest between exercise.

” No matter what kind of body you have, always eat healthy food and Say no to Junk food “

Thank you for reading the article, I hope This will help you to Identify your body type and correct training methods. If you have any query you can ask me on below comment section.

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