Drinking Water Facts On Your Health


Water is one of the most important parts of our daily life.  Drinking water plays a crucial role in your fitness and health condition. Some of the drinking water facts will provide you with the deep information of it.

Body temperature and the other body functions are controlled by water. Climatic conditions and your physical activities are the keys to drinking the correct quantity of water. Drinking water facts are the information guide for all the fitness freaks and the people looking for a good health condition.

Don’t Waste It, Just Taste It – Water

Drinking water facts include

Avoid Drinking Of Sugary Drink Instead Of Water

Our body consists of 80% water. Most of the people do a mistake of thinking that they can get water from sugary drinks. Instead of drinking sugary drinks just stick to water because our body absorbs 70% of water within 15minutes of drinking to make our body hydrated for a long time.

Lack Of Water In Your Body

If 2% of the water gets reduced from your body, you will not be able to focus on any work or inside the gym which is important for your mind muscle connection. So drinking water facts include drinking of more water to remain hydrated and stay focused

Water Protects The Tissues And Joints

Drinking water in a good quantity will help your body to stay hydrated And provides moisture to the organs of your body like eyes, nose, mouth. Water act as a lubricant in your joints for its proper functioning.

Drinking Water Facts Role In Proper Digestion Process Of  Your Body

Drinking water not only helps your body to stay hydrated but also helps to improve the digestive system. Digestion process depends on the enzymes present in the saliva, whose function is to break down food and dissolve the nutrients. With the help of water, your body absorbs more soluble fibres and improves Overall digestion of your body.

Drinking Water Facts On Your Health

Water Helps In Muscle Building

As drinking water facts improve digestion so the nutrients get absorbed quickly by your body. Water plays an important role in the transportation of protein, carbohydrate, fats and other nutrients to your blood which helps to Recover your muscles after a heavy workout and helps in muscle building.

Help In Fat Loss

When your body is hydrated, blood circulation gets increased due to which the level of oxygen in the blood also increases then the body targets the fixed fat stores and burn it in the form of energy during the workout.

Removal Of Toxins From Your Body

Water helps to removes toxins from your digestive tracts and due to drinking of more water the appetite gets suppress and you will eat less so indirectly you will get in the caloric deficient which will help you to get rid of fat.

More Water, More Miles, More Sweat, More Effort, More Satisfied

 When To Drink Water

  • 500ml – Upon waking up
  • 250ml – 30minutes after having breakfast
  • 250ml – 30minutes Before your snacks
  • 300ml – 30minutes after your snacks
  • 250ml – 30minutes before lunch
  • 300ml – 30minutes after lunch
  • 300ml – Before pre workout meal or drink
  • 750ml – During the workout
  • 300ml – 30minutes after your workout
  • 500ml – 30minutes after your dinner

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