The 5 Hacks To Burn More Fat


The right diet, the right workout, the right routine – yet somehow, the stubborn fat refuses to go. The actual biology of fat accumulation and burning is quite complicated and certainly beyond the calorie deficit concept. But there are ways to trick your body to burn more fat than it wants to. Here are 5 best hacks for the task.

1. Give yourself the right start

burn more fat

How you start your morning defines the rest of the day for you, so it is essential to give it a decent start. Immediately after waking up, consume a glass of warm water with lemon and some honey in it. This will help in kickstarting the digestion process for subsequent meals.

Having a fulfilling breakfast is equally important, otherwise, you would be prone to eat more in the following meals and end up consuming more calories.

2. Spread out your meals to lose fat

The custom in most places dictates “Three meals a day“: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While these meals are indeed vital, merely giving yourself only three slots to feed is not a wise move.

In fact, it is evidently harmful. With only three meals, your metabolism finds it hard to digest food, especially while you are active. Slower metabolism leads to the creation of fat in the body.

Heavy meals also slow down the body. To burn more fat, it is smarter to spread out your food across multiple small meals, preferably at equal intervals throughout the day.

3. Cardio? Resistance? Take both

burn more fat

One of the eternal fitness debates is between cardio and resistance (or strength) training. While each of them has their benefits, their supporters consider them to be two distinct categories of exercises that must not be fixed – a huge blunder.

The truth, as supported by almost all health experts, is that you need a combination of both. Cardio initiates the fat burning in the body, but it also leads to the burning of lean muscles.

To prevent that, the necessary trigger is provided by resistance training. So a combination of both will burn more fat while building muscles for you.

4. Bursts of Cardio, all day long

Our metabolism works at its usual pace, slowly creating energy as needed by the body. At the end of the day, all the unused calories are stored as glycogen or fat.

But this could be prevented by introducing a simple habit in your life. Cardio bursts are small-interval, high-intensity rounds of cardio involving intense activity.

Even a 5-minute burst could massively boost the metabolism of the body, thus processing energy faster. Such bursts, when spread out across the day, can keep the metabolism at a constant high. This would significantly help to lose more fat.

5. Some green tea to burn more fat

The Definitive Guide to Weight Loss Tea

Despite the regular backlash, green tea continues to persist and be one of the premium beverages for weight loss, and for a good reason.

The low-calorie drink contains caffeine that stimulates the body and enhances fat burning. A range of antioxidants in it accelerates the metabolic rate. It also contains theanine, which relieves stress in the body.


Burning fat, despite being the most coveted jewel of all fitness enthusiasts, is equally hard to achieve. But backing up the regimen with these evidence-based hacks would surely kick up things and allow you to lose fat.

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