Hair Fall Problem And Solution


Nowadays everyone is facing the most common problem of Hair fall. With the lack of knowledge, everyone is neglecting simple ways to treat their Hair Fall Problem. It is true that genetics play important role in hair fall but many times due to unhealthy lifestyle people are facing hair fall problem.

Men and Women both are facing the hair hall problem before confirming that actually, your hairs are weak, diagnose it by holding your hair in between your thumb and index finger and pull it, If you get six or more then six hair in your hand so you are facing the problem and your hair is thinning. After genetics, Nutrition plays important role in your Hair Fall Problem.

Nutritional Fact to Stop Hair Fall Problem

● Iron Deficiency: Due to lack of iron in the diet can cause Hair Fall Problem. Try to add iron-rich food in diet like chicken, meat, eggs, fish, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower.

●Protein: Protein is the essential nutrient for hair growth. Lack of protein in the diet can cause Hair Fall Problem because Amino acids strengthen the hair. Add Protein rich food in diets Like chicken, fish, paneer, tofu, soybeans, milk, yogurt and eggs.

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Vitamin C: As Vitamin C boosts immune System but Vitamin C also plays a most important role to overcome Hair Fall Problem. Vitamin C helps to Absorb Iron. Add Vitamin C rich food in diet Like Oranges, Lemon, Tomatoes, Potatoes.

Omega 3:  As Omega 3 is good for the brain. Deficiency of Omega 3 can cause itchy Scalp and Dry Scalp. Seeds and Nuts are best sources of Omega 3. Add Omega 3 Rich food in diet like Chia seeds, Hemp seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Walnuts, Peanuts, Almonds, Cashew.

hair fall problem

Biotin: Biotin is good to get a healthy hair and solve Hair fall problem. Add some biotin rich food in diet like Meat, egg whites, walnuts, Almonds to get better results.

Scalp Massage: Add scalp massage twice a week in daily routine. During scalp massage, the blood circulation in your scalp area increases and More nutrients will travel to the scalp area. Scalp massage can be done with Avocado oil, Coconut Oil, Almond oil. Do scalp massage before going to bed at night.

Extra Care Should Be Taken For Hair

●Wash the Hair Products before Sleep: Hair Products consist of Lots of chemicals that can harm hair and cause hair fall so wash it before sleep.

●Less Use of Hair Blowers: More Heat can damage the hairs so avoid the use of Hair blowers.

●Use Less Hair Straightener: Excess of heat can reduce the life of hair so use straighteners occasionally.

● Ideal Shampoo: Use a shampoo which does not cause damage and wash your hairs regularly.

●Avoid Excessive Hair Products: Don’t use so many hair products they are not good for your hair. They are loaded with several harmful chemicals. Don’t believe in advertisements blindly.

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In The next article, I will tell you about “TOP HOMEMADE REMEDIES TO CURE HAIR FALL”. So, Don’t Forget to Check our articles.

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