Himalaya Quista Pro Advanced Whey Protein


Here’s a good news for everyone who likes Herbal Products or Himalaya Herbal Products because Recently Himalaya has launched a new product and that product is “Himalaya Quista Pro”. With this Launch, Himalaya has entered into the Bodybuilding supplement market.

Himalaya Quista pro is an Advanced Whey protein made for the Athletes, Bodybuilders or Fitness Enthusiastic. It also falls under the category of Himalaya Herbal Products. It’s a whole new Products loaded with Herbs, which are important to build muscles.

Himalaya Quista Pro is the first whey protein blend which contains all 3 form of Whey

  1. Concentrate.
  2. Isolate.
  3. Hydrolysate.

Himalaya Quista Pro

Unique Health Benefits from Nature

What makes him different from other Whey protein is that Himalaya Quista pro is loaded with the treasures of Ayurveda Which are known to help improve muscle and bone health. It contains 3 main Herbs:

  1. Ashvagandha/Winter cherry(Withania Somnifera) –  helps to build muscle mass, improve muscular strength and helps to overcome fatigue.
  2. Asthisamhara/Hadjod(Cissus Qudragularis) – This helps to improve bone and joint health. Also very helpful in recovery of injured connective tissue and relative joint pain.
  3. Dadima/Pomegranate(Punica granatum) – Beneficial in Post-workout recovery and reduces muscle soreness.

Himalaya Quista Pro wildmove fitness

Apart from Herbs and whey protein blend, it is also enriched with Vitamins, Minerals, and Calcium which helps you to get all the necessary things required by your body. I must say it’s the next level of Whey Protein Formula enriched with everything an athlete required. It’s a total win-win situation because it will not only help you to build muscle but also helps you to recover from an intense workout.

Nutritional Value

Let’s Come to the point and talk about Nutritional value per serving. In one serving(One Scoop) of Himalaya Quista Pro, You will get.

Serving Size: One Scoop (34 gm)

Protein:  22 gm.
Carbohydrate: 8.5 gm.
Sugar: 0 gm.
Fat: 0.85 gm

Himalaya Quista Pro advanced whey protein

How To Use

You can mix it with either water or milk. Just take 200 ml of milk/water in Shaker then add 1 scoop of Himalaya Quista Pro then shake it for 15-20sec. now, It’s ready to Drink. You can also add this Himalaya whey Protein in your recipe or add in a smoothie. Himalaya Quista Pro is available in the most loved flavor- Chocolate Flavor.

Where To Buy Himalaya Quista Pro?

You can Buy it from Local Himalaya store near your house or you can buy it online from Amazon.in.

Click Here to Check Prices or to Buy:  https://amzn.to/2ZmhklE

Himalaya Quista Pro Advanced Whey Protein Powder fortified with Power Herbs – 1KG(Chocolate)

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