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Hi There! I hope you’re doing well. I know you want big biceps that’s why in this article  I’m going to tell you, How to build massive biceps with proper Training and Principles. since many of you were training your biceps in gym/home but the results are not up to the mark. It may be because of wrong training methods or maybe because of overtraining of your biceps. Don’t worry I’m here to help you, just go through the article.

Let’s Understand Biceps Muscles.

Your biceps consists of 2 muscles, one is Short Head and the other one is Long Head.  These are very small muscles comparatively other muscles you train in the Gym. Generally, people just go to the gym and pickup the dumbbell or barbell and start hitting the biceps which is very bad practice to train your biceps. All you have to do is to focus on both heads of biceps with proper form, proper positioning of your hand in the barbell, proper movements and intensity.

build massive biceps
Biceps Anatomy

How to train?

1- Begin With Appropriate Weight

when you start training your biceps don’t rush for the heavyweight, which you can’t lift properly. If you’re lifting more weight this doesn’t mean you will get more size in your biceps. Lifting the correct amount of weight will help you to build massive biceps. Always pick up the appropriate weight which you can lift easily. Even with little weight, you can maximize your tension, you will be able to perform more reps and you will get more pump.

2-Placement of your Grip

After picking up the appropriate weight the next thing is your Grip hold and placement of your grip. Always use a neutral grip to hold the Barbell or dumbbell. For the short head use wide grip in Barbell but don’t move your elbow. Always keep your elbow Locked, close to your body. For the long head use close grip(shoulder width). Always remember the placement of grip will help you a lot to build massive biceps.

build massive biceps
Close Grip

build massive biceps
wide Grip

3-Working With Back

If you were training Back and Biceps together then always start with Back training, after that train your Biceps. This is because while working out on your back muscle most of the movements involves biceps muscle too. So your biceps will get a train along with back. Then after back when you go for biceps exercise, you don’t need to perform too many exercises just do 3-4 sets of 2-3 Excercise. with rep range between 10-12. But if you are working on your biceps and back on separate days then never train your Biceps next day of your back workout. Because back training also involves biceps muscle so your biceps muscle needs some recovery after intense Back training.

4-Rep range, Motion, and Intensity

For the maximum pump always go for High number Repetition with 3-4 sets of each exercise and perform the last set till failure. This will give you an insane pump. I know you’re wondering why I’m talking about the pump in your biceps. It’s because the pump is the only thing you must feel at the end of your exercise. If you are not able to feel pump this means your biceps is not activated, it may be because of improper form or grip.

when it comes to Intensity, never go too fast. always perform the exercise in slow motion, take 2-3 seconds for each rep this will help you to active your biceps muscle completely and you will feel more tension in your muscle. Taking about motion always go for the complete motion of your hands means while lifting the weight up contract your muscle completely and while lowering down the weight, open your hand completely without moving your elbow.

5-Exercise for Short and  Long Head

Here I’m going to mention some most important exercise you must do. Add them in your workout.

For Short Head

  1. EZ- bar curling.
  2. Wide grip barbell curl.
  3. Preacher curl.
  4. Rope Hammer Curl.

For Long Head

  1. Close-grip barbell curl.
  2. Dumbbell curl front-facing grip.
  3. Incline bench dumbbell curl.
  4. Reverse close grip chin-ups.

Thanks for reading, I hope this will help you to build massive biceps.

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