How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Gym.


Hi There! I hope you’re doing well. This article is especially for those people who want’s to get rid of belly fat without going to Gym. So if you are quite busy in your works that you can’t join Gym, that’s ok, Don’t worry. It’s not necessary to join Gym to lose your fat. Losing fat is like a simple math. Consume fewer calories and  Burn more Calories. That’s it. But how to do that? Tha’s what I’m going to cover in this article.

There is no magic pills, you have to work hard, believe in yourself and have patience.

1- Stop Eating junk and processed food.

There is a bad news for all those who are McDonald’s, Dominos, KFC and Roadside Food Lovers. You all have to stop eating all these junks foods Immediately or you should forget about ‘How to get rid of Belly fat?’. It’s a sad truth but you have to choose only one. Junk food contains high calories coming from Fat and sugar. They increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, Obesity, and several other health-related problems. So you must stop eating junk food(Rule no-1).

get rid of belly fat
Junk Food

2-Eat High Protein and High Fiber Breakfast Every Morning

Your breakfast includes foods which are high in protein and high in fiber. Various study have shown that consuming high protein and high fiber food in breakfast will satisfy your hunger for a long time and decrease hunger cravings for the day. For the breakfast Eggs are the best source for protein and oatmeal is for fiber. You can also add Vegetables which are rich in fiber Or Milk or Low-fat Greek yogurt in your breakfast. Rule no-2– Never miss your breakfast.

get rid of belly fat
Eat The Best, Leave The Rest.

3- Start Doing Some Exercise

For doing exercise you don’t need to go to Gym. You can simply start running at a moderate speed for 15-20 minutes in the early morning Or do rope skipping for 15-20 minutes Or if you want to play some outdoor sports you can play it. Doing exercise in the morning has several benefits.

  1. Burn excess fat present in your body.
  2. Increase stamina.
  3. Strengthen your heart and lungs.
  4. You will feel active for a whole day.
  5. and so many other benefits (Rule no-3Start doing some Exercise).

get rid of belly fat

4-Remove Sugar, Drink Lots Of Water and Sleeping.

Sugar– To get rid of belly fat you have to almost completely cut-out the Sugar from your dining table. Excess sugar will lead to several health problems. It overloads and damages your liver because fructose likely to have similar effects of alcohol. It can also cause to increase your uric acid level. Sugar is too high in calories so you will gain weight instead of losing. It also affects your insulin level. So, Rule no-4Remove sugar from your Diet to get rid of belly fat.

No Sugar
Say No to Sugar

water-Drink lots of water every day. Drinking good amount of water is the best medicine to remain healthy. It helps you to remove toxins present in your body, Boosts Immune system, Prevents cramps and Spains, and so many other benefits. Rule no-5 –Drink lots of water, approx 1 gallon per day.

Drink Water
Drink Water

Sleeping– Don’t forget about sleeping. After a busy day, your body needs good sleep of atleast 7-8 hours. Lack of sleeping also leads to weight gain, increased risk of diabetes, headache, depression, aching muscle and several other problems. If you have a habit of eating a lot before going to bed, then stop this practice and always have a light meal at dinner. Rule no-6 Never have a heavy meal at dinner.

Good Sleep
Good Sleep

Thanks for the Reading, I hope this will help you to get rid of belly fat without going to Gym.

Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

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Utkarsh Sachan
Utkarsh Sachan
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