Importance of Testosterone in Muscle Building


Why is the Role of Testosterone in muscle building so important? Testosterone is a male hormone which is responsible for muscle building. Testosterone is also known as Anabolic Steroid because it directly stimulates muscle building. Don’t go blindly for boosting your testosterone level through supplements. Testosterone levels are the primary male hormone responsible for muscle building and enhance the strength. Adding Compound movements to your workout will boost testosterone and increase muscle building process.

testosterone in muscle building

Increase Testosterone Level Naturally through Workout

Compound Movements or Multi-joint movements work for several muscle groups at the same time. Adding Compound exercises like Barbell Military Press, Barbell Flat bench Press, Squats, Pull-ups, Barbell Rows will increase testosterone level and helps in more muscle building. Training Legs is painful and unpleasant. Most of the people do not train their Legs like they train other muscle groups. Training Legs require more energy which burns number of calories, increase muscle building and helps in fat loss. Training Legs will produce more anabolic hormones in the blood which increases testosterone levels and finally helps in muscle building.

Link: Benefits Of Legs Workout

Increase testosterone level through Nutrition

Testosterone is the king for muscle building and fat blasting. For maintaining testosterone level and muscle building healthy diet is the key. Add enough amount of healthy carbohydrate in your diet like brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, sweet potatoes. In your diet with healthy carbohydrate, consumption of saturated, unsaturated fats and cholesterol is also necessary as cholesterol is the primary source to build testosterone and increase muscle building without which your body can’t produce enough amount of testosterone.

The key fact is a balanced diet so do not forget to add enough amount of lean protein to your diet like lean meats, fish, and organic milk. In every Fitness goal vegetables and fruits in diet play an important role. On adding Broccoli and Cabbage in your diet will reduce the level of estrogen in your body which is indirectly responsible for increasing testosterone level and supports Faster muscle building.

testosterone in muscle building

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Effects of High Testosterone

  • High testosterone levels can increase protein synthesis which will lead to higher muscle building process.
  • The number of Fat burning receptors increases with the increase in testosterone levels.
  • Blood pump through heart also increases.
  • High testosterone level increases brain power and also stimulate Red Blood Cells.

Sign of Low testosterone levels

If you are not healthy meals with a proper workout, you will face the decline in the level of your testosterone and which lowers the muscle building process. Some of the unhealthy symptoms on low testosterone level are:

  • Thyroid Problem
  • Increased level of Fat
  • Increase in Stress Level
  • Reduce Muscle Mass
  • Lower energy level
  • Mood Swing

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