Is Nutrabay Selling Authentic Supplements online?


Here I’m going to talk about and will answer the most important question in detail. So the question is ‘Is Nutrabay Selling Authentic Supplements online?‘. As we all know that the online store from where you’re buying supplements must be selling genuine supplement.

If not then your health is at risk. Many people don’t know from which online store they order the supplements because the supplement market in India is filled with pirated products.

So it is very important to know about your online store before ordering from it and here in this article, I’m gonna review


Nutrabay is an India online supplement store. Started around 5 years ago with an aim to deliver the 100% authentic products with the right price.

In the year 2019, they started their own supplement brand with the name of ‘NUTRABAY‘. I will review their products but in the next upcoming articles.

Order And Delivery

You can order any supplements based on your requirements. You can order using their mobile app or from their website I usually order from their web app.

After placing an order I have received my supplements within 3-4 days. It usually takes 2-3 days for an order to reach your door, if you are In a metro city or 3-5 days if you are in a non-metro city.


Authenticity is the main cause people fear to buy supplements from online stores. If we talk about statistics, In India 60%-70% dietary supplements available in the markets are fake.

Means, people are consuming those hazardous foods and getting sick day by day, In many cases, they suffer from a serious illness. There is a risk that you may lose your life also If you consume those fake supplements.

So do we trust Nutrabay? If you ask me then my answer is yes!! I have always received an authentic product from their site. The reason I trust Nutrabay is because of its product delivery flow.

In their product delivery, there is no middle man involved. Means they are directly buying supplements from Authorized supplement importer and then delivering to our homes.

That is why there are no or minimal chances of getting fake supplements.
But I have seen some people on Quora mentioning that they don’t deliver authentic products.

But I have also seen thousands of reviews on their authenticity and personally I have always got an authentic product from their online store.


nutrabay certificates is almost certified with all the supplements brands or their official Indian supplement Importers. You can visit their site and check all the certificates.

My personal experience of buying supplements from is very positive. In the past, I had ordered Whey Proteins of Brands – Ultimate Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition(ON), Nutrabay, Muscle Blaze.

Also ordered Creatine, glutamine, BCAA, Pre-workouts and every time I have received an original product.

There are many world-famous sites from where you can buy supplements. What I don’t like about them is that there are numbers of middle man involved.

Here is a complete video of Nutrabay Website Review with the unboxing of a Whey Protein. Video languageHindi.

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