Metabolism as We age – Factors that affect it


As we age, every aspect of our being experience certain changes that slowly affects our daily living and outlook on life. From the physical alterations like having gray to white hair and wrinkled skin up to the changes in our moods and thoughts, these transformational processes cannot be hindered as much as we want to, sometimes. One of the unavoidable changes we have to face is our metabolic aspect, that is, how our body reacts and uses everything we put into it.

And since we cannot avoid these progressive turning points that come with age, knowing what are the things that affect our metabolic changes can provide awareness as to how we can and should be take care of ourselves, and how can we adapt to these changes before it finally hit us.


Women occur more drastic changes than men the moment they reach puberty stage. Things like menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause create changes like the building up or lessening of certain hormones that aids in metabolism. During menopause, for instance, a woman’s estrogen starts to decrease which creates a big impact since it sensitizes the insulin and aids in fat loss.

Moreover, the basal metabolic rate (BMR) of women is 5-10 percent lower than men, because their bodies consist of more body fat and less muscle mass.


Metabolism is strongly connected to weight gain and loss simply because it is all about what it has to do with the energy, fats and calories and not just how fast or slow we process our food and drink intake.

Studies show that people with above average body weight can eat more than those with smaller weights because their body requires them to eat more.

Also, the presence of muscle tissues having higher metabolic activity than fat tissues is also a big consideration. As lean body mass continues to increase, so is the metabolic rate.


Our metabolic rate is said to be a specific and unique trait we have, just like our DNA and fingerprints. Our BMR is partially hereditary yet with the combined genes we possess from our parents and ancestors makes it different. Also, the presence of certain genetic conditions can also determine the strength of our metabolism. For instance, hypothyroidism can attribute to decreased metabolism, while hyperthyroidism is vice versa.

Metabolism as We age - Factors that affect it wildmove fitness


People who live in tropical places are said to have 5-20% higher BMR than those who live in temperate areas because the body needs to consume certain amounts of energy to keep it cool. Daily activities are done in hot weather also adds metabolic load as well. Moreover, even a person’s way of clothing can identify the increasing or decreasing level of energy metabolism.


Different glands in our body produce and secrete hormones that contribute to the general changes in our body, also in the metabolic process. Like the pituitary gland or the growth hormone which slows more as we age. As it starts to decrease, our bodies cannot be able to produce and even maintain our muscles, which will create great impact on how our body breaks down calories.


Our metabolism may start to descend slowly from the age of 30 to 40. But our daily routines and activities, like taking care of children, establishing career and any work-related concerns can also be responsible into it.  Regardless of what kind of metabolism we possess, knowing how to stay fit and healthy is very beneficial to it. Listening and attending to our body’s needs is a great help not only in maintaining our metabolic rate stronger, but also in achieving healthier living.

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