The Essential Tips To Lose Fat Fast


Losing weight could perhaps be called the Great Question of the world today. But as simple as it might sound, the answers are many and often conflicting. So to keep things easy, we bring you 9 simple tips to lose fat fast:

1. Stay hydrated

The magic elixir can do all things, including aiding in weight loss. Research has shown that consumption of some glasses of cold water can temporarily increase norepinephrine in the body, and thus boost metabolism by about 30 percent.

Drinking Water Facts On Your Health lose fat fast

2. Get some energy drinks

Energy drinks have a controversial history, but some research has indeed supported their contribution to weight loss. A 2008 study conducted on 60 subjects, both male and female, provided regular consumption of 200mg caffeine and 250 mg green tea extract for 4 weeks. With everything in their lifestyle kept constant, subjects lost more than a pound of their weights.

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3. Get Whey to lose fat fast

Whey protein is a time-tested potion for aiding muscle growth, but it can also help to lose fat fast. The research observed that when participants consumed whey 1.5 hours before meals, they ate less than they generally would have. This was largely due to increase in hunger-inhibiting hormones in the body.

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4. Stay away from Diet food

Diet food, from sodas to burgers, seems like an attracting option to satiate your taste buds without getting fat. In truth, the sugar-alternatives used in these drinks cause the body to produce more insulin, leading to slower fat-burning and more fat-storage. You are also prone to feel less fulfilled with diet food, leading to more consumption and thus more calorie intake.

lose fat fast diet

5. Increase Soy intake

Soy is not only an excellent source of protein but also a great component of fat loss. Various studies have found that regular consumption of soy protein (20g daily in one study) can reduce appetite, reduce calorie consumption, and aid in burning stored fat.

soy protein lose fat fast

6. Go for thicker shakes

Bro Science believes that thin shakes can make you full early and thus reduce consumption, but studies say otherwise. Thicker shakes, despite having the same national value, have shown to inhibit hunger for a longer time. This indirectly helps to shed weight.

lose fat fast thick shake

7. Consume fish oil

WHO considers Omega-3 fatty acid as one of the essential nutrients and thus promotes eating fish. But fish oil also helps to lose fat fast. Consumption of both fish and fish-based Omega-3 supplements has a similar effect on weight loss when taken regularly through meals.

fish oil lose fat fast

8. Try Green Tea

Green tea is another controversial food whose effects are debated among the health community. But research has shown that EGCG found in green tea can indeed aid a lot in weight loss. However, it must be kept in mind that EGCG from green tea extract absorbs much better in the body than EGCG from green tea itself.

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9. Aid with CLA

Conjugated linoleic acid supplements are quite popular among fitness enthusiasts due to its impact on muscle growth. However, CLA has also shown some promise to aid in fat loss, thus contributing overall in shaping your body.

Losing weight is not as difficult as you might believe, but it is not a straight road either. These tips might only make the road a bit simpler for you.

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