Top 10 Egg Diet Benefits and Nutritional Value


When we are talking about eggs we generally talk about chicken eggs. It is very popular among all another kind of eggs present in the world, so here I am going to discuss top chicken egg diet benefits.

It is not just an egg, It’s a superfood loaded with all important nutrients which a human body requires and have several health benefits.

egg diet benifits
Boiled Eggs

Is Egg Fat Unhealthy?

Some people think Egg is not good for our health and all credit goes to fat. Yes, you heard it right. Egg also contain fat but the big question is what type of fat? Good or Bad.

So, If you are thinking this fat is bad for your health then you are completely wrong. Let me give you brief information about the Benefits of egg diet. Medium size of the egg contains only 5 gram of fat which is present in egg yolk (yellow portion) out of 5 gram only 1.6 gram of fat is saturated fat which may not be good for your health but it is very less amount so it will not affect your health(If you don’t consume too many egg yolk). Better consume egg white if you are consuming more eggs per day.

Let’s have a look at the nutritional value of an egg.

Serving size = 1 medium size egg.

Nutrient White Yolk % Total in White % Total in Yolk
Protein 3.6 g 2.7g 57% 43%
Fat 0.05g 4.5g 1% 99%
Calcium 2.3 mg 21.9 mg 9.5% 90.5%
Magnesium 3.6 mg 0.85 mg 80.8% 19.2%
Iron 0.03 mg 0.4 mg 6.2% 93.8%
Phosphorus 5 mg 66.3 mg 7% 93%
Potassium 53.8 mg 18.5 mg 74.4% 25.6%
Sodium 54.8 mg 8.2 mg 87% 13%
Zinc 0.01 mg 0.4 mg 0.2% 99.8%
Copper 0.008 mg 0.013 mg 38% 62%
Manganese 0.004 mg 0.009 mg 30.8% 69.2%
Selenium 6.6 mcg 9.5 mcg 41% 59%
Thiamin 0.01 mg 0.03 mg 3.2% 96.8%
Riboflavin 0.145 mg 0.09 mg 61.7% 48.3%
Niacin 0.035 mg 0.004 mg 89.7% 9.3%
Pantothenic acid. 0.63 mg 0.51 mg 11% 89%
B6 0.002 mg 0.059 mg 3.3% 96.7%
Folate 1.3 mcg 24.8 mcg 5% 95%
B12 0.03 mcg 0.331 mcg 8.3% 91.7%
Vitamin A 0 IU 245 IU 0% 100%
Vitamin E 0 mg 0.684 mg 0% 100%
Vitamin D 0 IU 18.3 IU 0% 100%
Vitamin K 0 IU 0.119 IU 0% 100%
DHA and AA 0 94 mg 0% 100%
Carotenoids 0 mcg 21 mcg 0% 100%

*Chart is taken from ‘a healthier Michigan’.

In this label, you can clearly see that the total protein value present in an egg is 6.3 gram which is the highest of all nutrients. Egg protein is one of the purest forms of protein available on the planet and even sometimes this protein is also used as standard measuring quality to check the quality of protein present in other foods.

Mostly, All athletes of the world consume 2 or more than 2 eggs( depends upon their requirement ) to complete their protein requirement and to take advantage of the egg diet.

egg diet benifits
Raw Eggs

Here are the top 10 Egg diet Benefits.

  1. Egg white contains zero cholesterol and has less calorie.
  2. You will get high-quality protein to build your muscles.
  3. It contains a high level of Omega 3 fatty acid which is good for your brain and heart.
  4. It contains several minerals which your body needs.
  5. All the necessary vitamins it contains, so it is good for vitamin deficiency person.
  6. You can lose weight because it has less calorie.
  7. It contains vitamin which is good for your eyesight
  8. Increase/Maintain bone strength.
  9. It also prevents hair loss and accelerates the growth of hair.
  10. Eggs do not increase Blood Cholesterol.

There are several ways in which you can consume eggs. The best way is to eat boiled eggs. when you boil the egg you can easily separate egg yolk (if you want).

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