Top 5 whey Protein Supplement Brands


So, If you are looking for the best protein supplement brands then you are at right place. In this article, I am going to discuss about the top 5 whey protein supplement brands available in the market. If you are Athlete, Fitness Model, BodyBuilder then it is very important for you to pick the right protein for your muscle growth and it should also be the high-quality protein.

Like every rep count in excerice, Every gram of Protein count in Diet.

Let’s Talk about the Brands

1- Optimum Nutrition(ON) 100% Whey Gold Standard

This is one of the most of popular Whey Protein in the world. Thousands of athlete consuming this protein everyday. This delivers the Highest quality protein with just 1-gm of sugar per serving.

                                                      top 5 whey protein supplement brands  

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In one serving(32gm) of this protein, you will get 24gm of high-quality protein. It has only 0.5gm of saturated fat, so no concern about the fat.

Next On the List is-

2- Syntha-6 of BSN Brand

This is also one of the most famous and reputated protein available in the market. It delivers you the 22gm Ultra-Premium protein and has the best taste among all other protein. It’s Serving size is 47gm(one heap scoop). It also has the excellent amount of fiber.

                                top 5 whey protein supplement brands  top 5 whey protein supplement brands

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3-Dymatize ISO100

It has a serving size of 30gm out of which you will get 25gm of Hydrolyzed ultra-pure protein.

                                 Top 5 whey Protein Supplement Brands   Top 5 whey Protein Supplement Brands

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It is the fastest absorbing whey protein, hence gives you the faster recovery after intense workout and it contains no fat, no fiber and has available in 12 flavors.

4- Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein

Yes, this one is ultimate protein, it gives you 25gm of high-quality protein in one serving(30gm), 0.5gm of Saturated fat and only 1gm of sugar but the best thing about this supplement which makes it ultimate is -Price.

                                                   Top 5 whey Protein Supplement Brands  Top 5 whey Protein Supplement Brands

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it has the lowest price among all the brand which I have mentioned in this article and giving you the highest amount of protein according to serving size.

5- Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold.

This protein from MuscleTech brand is also good, it has 24gm of protein in 33gm of serving size.

                                         Top 5 whey Protein Supplement Brands  Top 5 whey Protein Supplement Brands

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Why it is in number 5, it’s because of 1.5gmof saturated fat, 2gm of sugar present in it but this doesn’t make it a bad protein. it is good in taste, mixability and protein quality is also good.


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